Food Preparation and Culinary Arts (8065)


Aim of the qualification:


This qualification is intended for people in training or already employed in the hospitality and catering industry and will develop the knowledge and skills required through a series of progressive levels, from initial food preparation training to culinary arts and supervisory responsibilities. The qualification has been designed to allow for cuisine and techniques from a wide range of cultures to the theory and practical sides of food preparation, giving the necessary knowledge and practical experience to operate as a front-line worker in a kitchen environment.


The next level provides a broader range of skills for a person who may also have some supervisory responsibilities in a kitchen environment.


The final level develops specific skills for a person preparing for or working in first-level management.


Available levels:



  • 003 Food Preparation & Cooking Principles 1
  • 004 Food Preparation & Cooking Practice (Practical)



  • 016 Food Preparation & Cooking (Culinary Arts) - Principles 2 (Written)
  • 017 Food Preparation & Cooking (Culinary Arts) - Practice 2 (Practical)


Advanced Diploma

  • 024 Culinary Arts - Principles (Written)
  • 025 Cuisine Studies - Practice (Practical) OR
  • 026 Patisserie Studies - Practice


Method(s) of Assessment:


Written examination and practical assessment


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